I’ll be participating in this event now that I have preorder links! Thanks to Erin and Shoshana for putting this together.

Erin Fulmer Writes SFF

How did it get to be July already?! But I’m excited that it is, because July is #SelfPitch month! The brainchild of indie author Shoshana Rain with some coparenting from me, #SelfPitch is happening July 13 and 14 this year.

During July, I’m also trying to take it a little bit easy (she said, as she started a new project for Camp NaNo, jumped feetfirst into mentoring, and spun up some additional plates yet to be announced) so expect shorter blog posts and more interviews this month, possibly through the summer. I am trying to keep myself from burning out, I swear!

I do reserve the right to get back on my soapbox and longform it up at any moment. But I have noticed I’ve been having a harder time generating blog topics during the last month. It’s also started to feel more like a task to get this out…

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