An interview with one of my favorite people, who happens to be a very talented author!

Erin Fulmer Writes SFF

Welcome to the latest edition of my occasional interview series “How Tho?!” in which I ask cool writers doing amazing work about their writing path and process. Today I’m chatting with S.J. Whitby, author of the Cute Mutants series (now, with their first multi-author anthology in the world, legitimately the Cute Mutants Extended Universe!)

SJ Whitby is a nonbinary author who lives in New Zealand, where they see few hobbits despite their fondness for snacking. They’ve always loved telling stories and they’ve finally put themselves out in the world with the sprawling Cute Mutants series of novels (ten books and growing) about a group of queer superheroes. They’re passionate about increasing diverse sexuality and gender representation in fiction.

S.J. has a publishing schedule that will make your head spin, putting out a full-length YA novel every few months. The books are fantastic, with high-quality production and editing. The Cute…

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