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This is the house that oligopoly built…

When I originally set out to blog on this topic two weeks ago, I intended to write an explainer of WHY publishing is not okay. My first draft focused on professional burnout, the oligopoly of the Big Four, disruptive technology, and how labor exploitation lines the pockets of four extremely rich conservative families. Fun, right?

A dog with a hat sits in a room on fire with coffee before them, with the text THIS IS FINE

As I dug further into the topic, I just couldn’t bring myself to post it here. It was too explosive and too depressing. Plus, the idea of adding funny gifs and jokes seemed downright inappropriate. Part of my goal with the blog is to focus on the parts of writing that nurture my joy, so I decided to go with another, more positive topic at the last minute (outlining for pantsers).

Instead, I put my research together into a (very long) Twitter thread sharing what I…

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