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Welcome to my brain circus!

It’s Disability Awareness Month, and I’m a writer with Attention Deficit Disorder. That makes this as good a time as any to share my experience of learning late in life that I’m neurodivergent, how my diagnosis has shifted my self-image, and how adjusting my brain chemicals has brought new ease to my writing process.

After seeking answers for over a year, I finally got assessed for ADD/ADHD at the beginning of 2022. My assessment results shocked me. Strangely, it felt validating to see it right there in black and white: my symptoms were “severe.” Certain things like my winding career path, my eternal late-blooming, and my unreasonable caffeine habit made a lot more sense all of a sudden.

Last month, I started treatment, and my life changed in unexpected ways. I wrote about some of those in this Twitter thread.

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