Peach the sea star from Finding Nemo says, "'s morning, everyone! Today's the day! The sun is shining...Awakenings is releasing, and we are gonna get out of-- Awakenings is releasing. AWAKENINGS IS RELEASING!!!"
actual image of me this morning

Happy release day, everyone!

It only occurred to me late last week that “Something Witchy This Way Comes,” my short story appearing in SJ Whitby’s anthology Awakenings, is my first-ever published prose.

You’d think I would’ve known that from the beginning, but? it? somehow? didn’t compute until SJ sent pictures and a video of the proof copy.

And then it computed very much all at once, because HOLY SHIT. LOOK AT IT. IT’S IN A BOOK. WITH PAGES AND EVERYTHING.

Photo of page 177 in SJ Whitby's anthology AWAKENINGS, showing a page from my story "Something Witchy This Way Comes," including the super pretty scene break that looks like a flower branch.
I??????? it’s a book???????????????

It’s also my birthday, because

The most interesting man in the world says, "I don't always get published, but when I do, it's on my birthday."

Well, okay, it’s not always exactly on my birthday, but the poem accepted by Wizards in Space Magazine for Issue 5 (2020) also came out right around my birthday, since the start of March was Issue 5’s release date. And my contributor copy came, like, on my birthday. So it felt like I was published on my birthday.

This time, I really am published on my birthday s c r e e c h

Anyway, it still feels weird to be like “hey, here’s a good thing that’s happening!” but I admit it’s easier when the good thing is actual publication.

Which is sort of a relief, since I’ve been worried that, you know, no matter what the good thing is,

No, though, I’m actually super hype.

Except for the fact that my copy won’t be here for like at least a week. 😭

Have some buy links, maybe

You should buy Awakenings if you like…

  • SJ Whitby’s Cute Mutants books
  • queer folks with powers
  • dark vibes with plenty of soft thrown in
  • plant magic and spooky forests, which aren’t technically themes for this anthology, but so many of us wrote stories like that because we have good taste that they might as well be

You should read “Something Witchy This Way Comes” if you like…

  • fantasy with horror elements
  • found family
  • plant magic
  • sapphic witches
  • grump x sunshine dynamics
  • carnivorous trees thirsting for the blood of abusers

You can buy Awakenings as a paperback, Kindle, or Nook, or add it on GoodReads.

You can also find me on GoodReads, because I’m a GoodReads author now, thanks to this book oh my god Drop by and ask me a question, or let me know if you like the book! If you need me, I’ll be in the corner, sobbing forever.

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