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What a long strange week it’s been! My book launch for CAMBION’S LAW was a wild ride, though I’m starting to feel the comedown now (note to self: do NOT keep looking at my sales rank). My publisher has assured me the release was a strong success by their metrics, for which I’m extremely relieved and grateful. And some other good things maaaay have happened behind the scenes that I can’t really talk about yet.

Anyway, I’m supposed to celebrate my accomplishments or something, so here:

A screenshot from Amazon showing CAMBION'S LAW as #14,869 in the Kindle Store overall and #51 in Werewolf and Shifter Thrillers, with Erin Fulmer's author profile showing below the rankings
My best Amazon ranking from this week…pretty good for a small press non-Kindle Unlimited book with no shifters or vamps in it!

Basically the week was a whole whirlwind of emotions that I still haven’t fully processed. I will probably post more about that at some later date, but I don’t really have my thoughts assembled in coherent fashion today. Instead, I’m going to…

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