Hello from Week 2 of lockdown! Ohio governor Mike DeWine shut down sit-down dining in time for St. Patrick’s Day, probably out of a (correct) assumption that people would disregard safety concerns and recommendations in favor of gathering in large numbers to drink. Then he shut down other venues for large gatherings: zoos, concert halls, and the like. The following Monday, he issued a shelter-from-home order. So that’s where I am in the COVID-19 preventative measures.

I’ve been working on revisions (mostly because they’re a great way to procrastinate from the homework I still have to do with my coursework online), but I know many people are struggling to keep their spirits up. And struggling with bouts of anxiety and depression can suck the creativity and motivation right out of you.

Having trouble writing? Try hashtag games!

I pretty much live on Twitter now, so Writing Twitter is my social circle these days! Hashtag games may or may not work for you, but they’re a great way to meet other writers and get hyped about writing. Here are my favorite games, events, and general hashtags.

#WritingCommunity and #amwriting are good general tags to use if you want to reach a wider writing audience or find other writers on Twitter.

#WIPUplift is a way for writers to get validation in the form of another writer screaming about their first chapter on Twitter. Chelsea Abdullah started a few weeks ago, and now other writers have jumped on as well! I’m participating myself – on Saturday I’ll be reading the first chapter of my friend’s novel Colonia Heights.

#MondayMixer is held every Monday evening around 7p.m. EST and gives writers a chance to chat about their process, their WIPs, and their writing in general. Jessica Froberg typically hosts, but this Monday J. Elle will be our host.

#ThursdayNightAuthorTalk is similar to #MondayMixer but is held one Thursday a month. The next session will be on April 16th at 8p.m. EST.

#WIQChat used to be #WritersInQuarantine, but then writers who weren’t participating took over the hashtag for general purposes. Use #WIQChat on Friday nights at 8p.m. EST to meet other writers and scream about your writing. It’s hosted by Chelsea Abdullah.

#WriteWithKwame is a month-long accountability event hosted by Kwame Mbalia, author of Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky. He hosts sprints and offers encouragement, and you can drop in at any time! Check out this tag if you’re looking for an event more focused on writing than meeting writers.

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