And now, some memes

A friend who has read every draft of the Chosen Grandma story so far has been dropping textposts and memes that she feels describes the characters. I keep meaning to do some sort of “let’s get acquainted with my characters” post, but I never do it because…I suck. Or, well, to be fair to myself, I never do it because I’m too busy trying to finish this freaking draft and also get all the homework done for my two graduate programs.

So let’s get acquainted with my characters through textposts and memes, shall we?

Edna: knitting enthusiast, Chosen One, Mom Grandma Friend

Benjamin Cooper: loyal orderly, Anxiety Gay, dork for all things magical

Clementine Rodriguez: resident Grumpy Teen, Disaster Gay, great at swordplay but trash at magic

(Full disclosure, there are many of these because the Internet lends itself to describing Human Disasters.)

Kiernan Abbott: elf with his own agenda, of whom Our Heroes ought to be a lot more suspicious than they are

Redway: sorcerer with an affinity for dragons and a whole lot of Pent-Up Rage

Fun fact, that pigeon meme was made by a different friend of mine who read the story, and I will never not think it’s hilarious. I have it saved on my phone, just so I can spring it on people if the story comes up for some reason.

Actually, looking back at my Disaster Children, there’s a lot of overlap. I probably could’ve done one combo post for Red, Clem, and Kiernan, all of whom have pent-up anger and like to shoot first and ask questions later (so to speak). The main difference is that Kiernan has a brain and is able to keep a lid on his rage, while Red and Clem are Utter Idiots who are unaware of the concept of self-control.

It’s sort of funny that Edna’s the MC but also has the fewest associated textposts.

Then again, she is 83. So she and the Internet aren’t always entirely aware of each other.

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6 thoughts on “And now, some memes

    1. I actually had it easy, because a friend of mine who loves the story keeps linking me to relevant memes every time my characters remind her of something! Although I should start saving memes and text posts that either remind me of current characters or that might inspire other characters later.


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