A little while ago I talked about my favourite tropes in fiction, and now it’s time to talk about my least favourites! These are tropes I personally dislike, though I won’t say that any trope should be avoided no matter what–it really depends on how it’s done. So, with that in mind, let’s get started! […]

via My Top Five Disliked Tropes In Fiction — Brain Clutter Blogs

Same, especially for love triangles! If a love triangle shows up, my gut reaction is “oh please no,” although I’d be more interested if I thought there was any chance of a love triangle ending in a queer relationship and/or polyamory.

(cough cough Legend of Korra cough cough)

(thank goodness because WOW Mako got annoying by the end of it)

(also he was annoying at the beginning)

(and in the middle)

(Mako really annoyed me, guys)

I have a soft spot for rude characters, but I agree with OP that they need to be developed beyond that – and I admit I’m always looking for moments where rude characters show a willingness to change or softness and vulnerability.

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