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Hello again! Today, as part of the 2018 Ch1- and Ch21-Con Blog Tour, Mr. Liam Wood of Ch21Con is stopping by to offer a fresh perspective on a subject that’s fresh on my mind as I put the finishing touches to my second chapter book, Cliche.  Take it away!

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Revising for the Lone Writer

by Liam Wood

Hi, my name is Liam, and I’m a recovering first-drafter.

Most advice for beginning writers follows the same mantra: Write as much as you can.  Read as much as you can. Repeat. The beginner’s common problem is writing a single novel, then trying to revise it for years before they realize they could have simply set it aside and written a better novel.  Because of this, published authors and advice-givers across the internet struggle to tear beginning writers away from their firstborn and get them to work on improving…

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