16 Books to Read for Trans Day of Visibility 2018

Trans Book Reviews

Hello to you all from the TBR team!

This is a very special post, for two very special reasons. One, it’s our blog birthday! And two (much more importantly) this weekend brings us Trans Day of Visibility 2018.

We started this project to try and do three things: read more trans stories, get other people to read more trans stories, and boost the visibility of trans stories. And for the year ahead, we’re going to be aiming for more of the same! Our to-read list is huge, and growing bigger every day. We’re seeing more trans stories, and more diverse trans stories at that. We’re seeing more readers picking up trans stories for the first time, and more authors inching out of their cis-only defaults. We don’t know what the future holds here at TBR, but we have no intention of going anywhere. However we’re very small so…

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