Art Spam! 1.0

Full disclosure: Most of this is not art I did. Most of it is art I found for cheapsies at antique stores and junk shops. I was just admiring some of it today while I was home and decided to share it.


I like cityscapes a lot, especially when they’re just a little on the impressionist side. The one on the left is my favorite. It was filthy when I bought it, but it was only $15 and came in this gorgeous (also previously filthy) frame.


I’m not a fan of still-lifes in general, but these flowers look so dramatic with all the reds and blacks and the dynamic backdrops. It was $12 for the set at a local antique mall, and I wish I knew who the artist was because I’d love more from them.


I did this one! We did this sort of thing in art class in high school, but I did this one independently early on in college, using a magazine picture of, I think, Cobie Smulders. It’s my favorite piece I’ve ever made.

(I tried to find the original magazine cover to link to, but Cobie Smulders has done approximately a thousand different covers, I’m not sure what magazine it was or what year it was published, and at this point I’m not even quite 100% sure it was Cobie Smulders anyway.)


Finally, there’s this. It’s one of my grandpa’s ties. He had a whole collection of Mickey Mouse ties. My dad had the idea that the pallbearers could wear them at the funeral, so my grandma went into the bedroom and came out with a whole fistful – enough for everyone in the family to wear one.

I didn’t go to the funeral because I couldn’t face it, but my mom saved me a tie and had it framed like she did with the ones they got. (I also have a Christmas Mickey tie that I sometimes wear to work around the holidays.) Can you spot the characteristic stain? It’s not an authentic Trautman tie without one.

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