For people who want to read more

First of all, I’ll share this with you.

5 Unconventional Ways to Read More in 2018

I have to admit: I’m always confused by articles like these, because I just??? Read??? All the time??? For fun??? Books are good????? Reading is enjoyable????????

Okay, okay. I realize not everyone actually feels that way, especially because I’m a teacher and I’ve had plenty of students who struggle with reading and don’t like it.

But still. I don’t understand why you would have a reading list if you didn’t enjoy reading in the first place. Like, why do that to yourself? When you could be doing something you like? Go. Bingewatch Netflix. Take a hike. Paint. Be free, my friend.

I guess the answer is “because you want to be a better writer and you know reading widely makes you a better writer,” but if you don’t enjoy reading, why do you enjoy writing? I don’t understand.

Anyway, regardless of your reasons for wanting to read more, here are some additional suggestions.

  • Always have a book with you. I typically have one on my dresser, one on the coffee table, one in my purse, and one in the car. Not on purpose, it just happens that way. But you can do it on purpose, especially if you have an e-reader and thus have an easy way to bring a thousand books with you everywhere.
  • Read in your spare moments. Your insurance company put you on hold? Read. Getting an oil change? Read. Your kid is on the playground? Read. But also make sure you look up now and then so you know your kid is still there.
  • Read in bed, before bed. You’re supposed to turn off the screens before bed anyway so the blue light doesn’t keep you awake, right? Although if you’re reading on an e-reader…maybe not this one so much. But since you’re at home and don’t have to carry an actual physical book any farther than your bed…
  • Don’t force yourself to finish books you don’t enjoy. I know the article I linked you to was all about knocking out your reading list, but guys, I don’t give a shit about that. As an educator and someone who adores reading, I want you to enjoy your books. So read things you enjoy. If a book doesn’t captivate you, if you’re struggling, if you find yourself making excuses not to read it, put it down. Find a better book. I don’t care if this is the must-read book of the year or all your friends are reading it or even if it’s something you thought you wanted to read. DON’T FORCE YOURSELF TO FINISH BOOKS YOU DON’T ENJOY. It’s okay. I’m giving you permission. It’s fine.

If you don’t like reading, tell me! Why doesn’t reading click for you? Do you lack the time? Do you need a different font or larger print? What do you hope to achieve by reading more? Are you trying to become a better writer? Do you hope to kindle or rekindle a love of reading? Do you want some book recommendations?

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