Wait, it’s December already?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Which means…


The story’s not over, but at least I get bragging rights.

Omg and EVEN MORE ideas about things to do with the story. Which is basically why it’s not done yet, in a longer sense, like in the sense that I’ve been working on the same story forever.

But in my defense, I *think* these ideas will make it better. I mean, they all seem to have been heading that way so far, so. That’s good, hopefully.

Anyway, since it’s December again, I guess it’s back to DIY and cookery and perhaps a bit of travel. I made an amazing dinner courtesy of Martha Stuart. No pictures because we were too busy eating it, but here’s a link to the recipe. It was fantastic! The only ingredients are chicken thighs, white wine, dijon, salt and pepper, shallots, garlic, tomatoes, and water, so it’s reasonably healthy, but it was rich and hearty, a great comfort food. And OH MY GOD it was so buttery even though there was no butter in it. Deeeeelicious.

And make sure to buy some good bread to sop up the sauce. Mmm mmm mmm.

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