New Car November

I was going to say “I wish I could write myself a new car,” but never mind, peeps, because today I signed for one!

I mean, it’s not NEW, of course. It’s new-to-me, because cheapy new-to-me cars are how I go. And I don’t actually have it YET, because I’m not going to the bank until Friday to get my money sorted so I can pay for it Saturday.

But the paperwork is all done, so basically Saturday will go like this:

me: *hands dealership person money*

me: *drives car off lot*

I would’ve gone Friday, but the guy handling the finances pointed out that a zillion people will be there for Black Friday because they think it’s the only day a year to buy a car. So. Saturday, to avoid waiting for two hours just to see a guy we’re going to need to see for about five minutes.

Anyway, it’s a 2005 Impala with 95,000 miles on it. (Speaking of numbers in the tens of thousands, I really should’ve written that many words by now.) So that’s the newest car I’ve ever had, in either mileage or year. Also it’s the first car I’ve ever paid for – every other car has been a relative’s cast-off, hence my bizarre snobbishness about cars that have under 100,000 miles on them, because every car I’ve ever had got to me with 250k already on it. And it’ll be mine outright.

So that’s one awesome thing this November. Now I just need to finish my novel and I’ll have two awesome things.

Or, you know, one awesome thing and another thing that’s long, at least.

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