Midway Mark (sort of)

Right, so I meant to actually write a NaNoWriMo post some time around the 15th, but I missed it. Too busy writing, I guess. Although it’s suddenly gotten a lot harder to get motivated to do, well, anything, since it was 70 degrees yesterday and today it snowed.


Anyway, I was a little bit behind the first several days and wrote a little bit extra most of the days after that, so now I’m basically caught up but not quite. Of course the thing that really blows is that I know I actually  need to zoom way ahead if I want to actually get the novel done by the end of the month, since it is DEFINITELY going to be over 50k in the end. Considering I’m already past 25k and barely into the main conflict of the story.


Hope it’s going better for everyone else. Happy writing!

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