All NaNos’ Eve


Also, posts about NaNoWriMo, as the other version of this meme pointed out. Well, one other version. There were so many great memes about NaNoWriMo. Like this one.


Except that actually I’ve been almost constantly working on the same novel for four years now, so…not accurate. This one, however.


Okay, okay, I’m done with the memes. FOR NOW.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty well set up right now. Obviously that feeling will come crumbling down some time midway through the first week, but for now I feel good about where I am.

For every day purposes, I’m a pantser. This novel in particular. I started off back at the start of 2013, flipping through photos for inspiration until I found one of a statue with a pitcher on her shoulder. I named her Minerva and decided to write a story about how she comes to life at night. But when I started writing, it was about a house made of books. Then about the man who lived there. Then about some stuff that happened to him.

But NaNoWriMo is (sort of) a lot easier if you plan, because at least you (probably) won’t get stuck (as much). Or if you do, you know where you’re going next, so you can just kind of skip ahead or use some quick filler until later or whatever.

So I’ve spent the last month and a half developing characters further, reimagining some of them, filling in plot holes and then filling in the new plot holes that sometimes result from the solutions to the previous plot holes. I made a major breakthrough during my lunch a few days ago, which was both the most productive time I’ve ever spent at work and the thing that convinced me that this story is not going to be a total, pathetic disaster.

You know, hopefully.


SO EXCITED. For now.

Happy writing!

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