Blissfield, Michigan reminds me of my hometown, mostly because there’s an antique store on every corner. Fewer pizza parlors and hair salons, though.

Anyway, Antiques on the Lane was in Blissfield this Saturday. It’s an annual street market featuring local artists, antiques, vintage, and re-imagined furniture. In addition to the tents all along Lane St., all the antique stores were open, and several of them had furniture out on the sidewalk.

downtown 4

My favorite store was Blissfield Living, at the corner of Lane and Jefferson. It’s arranged in little rooms of related items – not all the same kind of item, but stylistically related things. Like this little bedroom with lots of grey and white and rose colors, French writing and images, and sheet music.

Can I buy the whole room, set up exactly like it is? Because I would be totally okay with this bedroom.

We also visited Victorian Garden, Lane Street Blooms, and The Packrat, the latter being the only place I actually bought stuff. It was darker and mustier than Blissful Living and crammed full of stuff, but I like how it was organized. In this case, it was all the same kinds of items together. I was looking around for handkerchiefs for this project, specifically, and I knew that as soon as I found one handkerchief I would find all of them.

(Which is precisely what happened. They’re in a bowl not far from the cash register, btdubs, in case you go looking.)

I also bought a gigantic stuffed tiger that is now in a bag in the attic, waiting for the distant Christmas or birthday when my nephew is at least as big as said tiger. Shhhh. Don’t tell him.

I can’t mention Blissfield without mentioning the Blissfield Antique Mall, which boasts three floors of antiques. Blissfield Living is still my favorite, but the Antique Mall is pretty awesome.


Now I see Blissfield’s got an art event coming up, so I’ll have to head there again and see what other cool stuff I can find.

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